2022 advocacy expanded edition

Jamal was referred to Robert Wood Johnson Monmouth Medical Center’s (MMC’s) Early Intervention Support Services (EISS) program by MMC’s Emergency Screening Services, averting an inpatient hospitalization due to his depression. Jamal was despondent and completely withdrawn from family, friends and work. He had a history of depression and was previously treated with psychiatric medications and therapy. Jamal had stopped both treatments. By the time Jamal arrived at EISS, he was also experiencing anxiety and did not have healthy coping skills. EISS staff persuaded Jamal to resume psychotropic medications and provided him with brief therapy, peer support, case management and ongoing medication management services. Within just 22 days, Jamal saw an overall improvement in symptoms and reported once again finding excitement in both hobbies and work, engaging with family and friends and utilizing learned coping skills. Jamal was also linked to long term treatment. JAMAL 10 Thanks to Monmouth Medical Center, I’m managing my depression and getting my life back on track. Investment Is Needed to Make More Successes Such as Jamal’s Possible Invest in existing EISS and Psychiatric Emergency Screening Services programs to allow these programs to fulfill their missions.